Thursday, 9 November 2017


With a few days vacation up my sleeve, I aimed for the new PvE content.

I ended up with a Merlin skin for all my efforts. The nice thing about the mining goals, was it enabled me to review market orders and planetary interactions. I have both of these I have allowed lapse over time, spiralling towards "skill queue online".

Most of my market action is mining gear. This has prompted my interest in the new moon mining crystals. Of course it remains to be seen whether I will ever actually get to mine from moons - even if it promoted to High Security space. But, since I happened to be mapped for Industry skill learning, I have queued the 5 new crystal skills.

I have wondered occasionally if there is a sideline in "hiring out" my refining skills, many of which are maxed. It would have to work as some sort of collateral trade to build trust. And how would I fee this sort of service?

As for moons, I hope that CCP soon releases some statistics about uptake in new Refineries. I would like to be proven wrong, but I see the death of Low Security moon harvesting in this change. Let's say some Low Security mob approached me. About the only way I would agree would be through being paid in advance. Three times my mining ship value, as Insurance. It's nice to dream.

Here, I have achieved the required standing of 7 for Resource Wars. The reward isn't the objective. The reward came from completing objectives under time pressure. Managing all aspects of the ship in a hostile environment. Designing ship fittings which would handle all of the specifics of the desired result. I went a little overboard, using a deadspace fitted Prospect to semi-blitz the L2 solo. Most of my deadspace modules have come from 4/10 explorations. Just gathering dust in the hanger. (that actually happens by the way, my ships do not get cleaned).

As a point of interest check zkill for npc daredevil kills. And that is just the Gallente Resource Wars.

So, mining but without the usually automated "go make a coffee and sandwich" afk style. That made it fun.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Resource Wars

Coming on the 24th October will be the High Security content, Resource Wars.

These can be found as beacons in space, similar anomalies, which the pilot can can merely select and warp to.

Here I have just selected show info overview item. I will not yet be able to enter this site, lacking the standing requirements.

For the various sites, the information will include which ships are eligible to enter. My prospect does not qualify. Only the venerable venture can access the tier 1.

When you warp to a site, you are presented the objectives by a Mission Non Playing Character.

New gate art, that I have not seen before.

Just getting the minimal standings, I am trying my hand at a tier 3. In an armour tanked Prospect! Solo!!

The NPCs will attack the NPC orcas, as well as the players. To make note here, this viewer is not interactive. You will not able to use this part of the User Interface to target lock or click approach. (including that red target icon which does not do anything).

Fearing that the Orca was about to destroyed, I quickly put the requisite 10,000 units of ore so that it will warp out.

Tier 3 completed with 8 seconds to spare. I am using a Michi implant in Slot 7, a MX-1005 in 10.

Capacitor Power Relay II
Small Armor Repairer II
Armor Thermal Hardener II
Armor Kinetic Hardener II

Cap Recharger II
1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Cap Recharger II

Miner II
Miner II

Small Anti-Kinetic Pump II
Small Anti-Thermal Pump II

Completing the site gives these sort of rewards, so what can you get for these?

The interesting point is that the LP store for these missions can be utilised at that particular faction NPC station. Unlike Concord which has its own stations that you need to dock at to cash in. Here I have docked at a Federal Navy station. The LP Store now has a second tab wherein the Resource War Loyalty Points can be spent. Perhaps this is just a preliminary for Singularity server. But these are in my opinion, limited in scope, so I do not envisage longevity from the activity.

Most of the missions that players perform, are done so for the payout. I can directly utilise the rewards or sell on the market. But what do I do with a fitted Brutix? Sell on a contract?! As a sometime barge pilot, my primary weapon preference is Drones. It is a leap of faith that miners will see this as a opportunity to go out to PvP. This is intended for new players however. (Although this is traded off against the necessary to use Exhumers/Expeditions required for the higher tiers). So maybe they will not have the bad habits that are so ingrained in me.

Completing the tier 3 solo? That made it fun.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The End of An Era

Here I am cloaked and taking down my Player Owned Station (POS) which has been anchored here for many years. Not always fueled or having attendant modules. Most of the time I used it as a boost of income when refining. Accumulate about 1,000,000m³ uncompressed ore from various mining operations. Then process it all in one session. Hardwired with the Zainou 'Beancounter' Industry BX-804 and 52% refining minus the fuel cost (almost nil) was a nice incentive and made good gains.

Sometimes I would run research labs and/or manufacturing Capitol Ship components.

Those days are over. It takes 15 minutes to un-anchor a POS. So I waited patiently nearby as a clock ticked down. Then scoped to the hold, and just like that space is empty again.

One Standup M-Set HS Materials Reclamation II will set me back 4,100,000,000 isk. Not something a casual solo player can justify. Plus the absurd limitation of ore inputs. I regularly mine Hemorphite Hedbergite and Jaspet. (daredevil that I am). So back to the 50% NPC station refinery for me.

Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag,
And smile, smile, smile.

As it is now, I wish there were limits to the citadel mechanics. Such as number that can be anchored per system per AU or even random systems (in HS) where they cannot be placed at all. A limitation might generate conflict much in the same vein that Player Owned Custom Offices currently do.

Having my own piece of sky claimed with a POS, that made it fun.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Refining the Singularity

With the forth coming refineries in Eve Online rounding out the Citadel line-up, I decided to launch into the test server for a glimpse of the future. Originally I had only intended to setup a High Security anchorage so that I could compare refining returns between this new offering and the NPC stations baseline 50%. I would gauge the risk of a space asset verses the greater reward of more refining returns, and perhaps the ability to charge visitors. There is also the question about whether I aim for Low Security ores which occur in high-sec mining anomalies.

Whilst all of the these questions and more bounced around - I thought why not anchor and moon mine?

So I picked a NPC Null Security system at random. Packed up my Deep Space Transport with;

  • Medium Refinery (8000m3)
  • Medium LNS II rig
  • Reprocessing Plant
  • Moon Laser
I had previously scanned through the system with scan probes. Tip, align to the moon then shot the probe. I originally wanted to use a Stratios, but ended up with a Co-Processed and Overclocked Asterio fitting for survey.

I had to wait the requisite 24 hours for the anchoring². This shot is after the laser has fired. (Something, Something Rubik's Cube, Something, Something I shot the moon). I really did not know what I was doing, and had already initiated the Schedule.

After the laser shoots the moon, there is a 48 hour cycle as the lunar piece is tractored towards the Refinery. 

The Schedule shows me what was indicated in the survey probe report. (sorry I did not screen that). 

After the 2 days, I can now FIRE LASER. (I can hear the voice of Peter Cushing as I click).

The laser fires and a rather impressive explosion occurs. Afterward there is a bunch of asteroids nearby the Refinery. 

I undocked in a Prospect fitted with Elana Upgrades and Miner Laser IIs. Then just warped to a selected rock. The created belt itself does not show in the overview. 

Whilst I did a little mining, an NPC battleship and two NPC cruisers appeared. I fought them with my signature tank. So, as it stands it can be done without the specialized Mining Crystals.

Some ore harvested and now to actually refine.

Lacking the Ubiquitous Moon Ore Processing skill. I am not sure even if I will train these. I have not done the math, but it looks like the Beancounter is a factor. 

  • It would be nice if the 24 hour citadel anchor time could be waived for testing.
  • According to the feedback thread, there is supposed to be a command to waiver the 48 schedule
  • More Mining Crystals. There are already 16 in two tiers. Now three more. Mining Lasers have both tech 1/2 and modular versions - I wish Strips also had this flavor options. 
  • The frustrating rig limits. Image if you needed separate rigs in separate hulls for kinetic missiles and thermal - but they do the same thing. If I can take a Combat Battlecruiser, and sacrifice a slot to obtain a second command boost - could this be possible with the Refinery?
  • With the sizes commencing at the Medium size, will we ever see a Small option? Not only for small corps and individuals. But expanding into the military purpose of a Forward Fire Base?

To be honest, I am extremely unlikely to do this on Tranquility. But it was fun to learn that ninja mining those moons is possible without specialized modules or skills. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Merry Christmas

Right now I am listening to Al Stewart's Year of the Cat. Not just looking back over the year 2016, but feeling a nostalgia for a few of decades. Why this particular song, I really cannot say.

I am posting early because I elected to send a Christmas Card to CCP, today. Optimistic that crosses to the other side our small blue dot within the next two something weeks.

I lifted the address from;

CCP hf.
Grandagar├░ur 8
101 Reykjavik

Why you are still reading? It's over. Get to your local post-office and mail a card.

2016 eh, it's been fun.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Testing on the Burst

Logging into Sisi recently I was greeting with redeemables in the offering of 10 each of the new Command Link Burst modules and 5 Skill Injectors.

I elected to try out some mining bursts just a Myrmidon Battlecruiser. Here I have two links and a Command Co-Processor. But the Processor does not work with Bursts. Currently the new rigs for fitting additional bursts do not appear to be available on the market.

I chose the Myrmidon because I could also fit a Miner Laser II. Plus because it will fly a lot faster to the station which carried the required Burst Charges. There are three different charges available for mining bursts. Better minds than me will need to crunch the numbers to see if 500 Heavy Water will have a impact or not. At the least it means added value to Ice Mining - but I would not be surprised if a) these numbers are subject to change b) the current market stockpile will provide some cushion to the change. But Caveat Emptor for you early investors.

I quickly discovered that I could fit multiple bursts, but only have one active a time. Also note that I have Foreman implant, which did not change the 50km range of both Bursts. I will assume that the artwork of the charge is a placeholder from the Small Iron Hybrid Charge and hopefully something artistic is in the works.

Each burst holds 25 charges, the cycle time is 60 seconds and the reload is 10 seconds.

The burst icon over the capacitor with an active burst. One interesting note is that I am solo in all shows, and have not even set a fleet to enable the bursts on myself. But this is early days.

Here is my ship. At the start of each Burst cycle there is a aura which shines briefly.

It was fun to see something new and give a go.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Blog Banter 77 - The Malaise

Is there a malaise affecting Eve currently? Blogs and podcasts are going dark and space just feels that little bit emptier. One suggestion is that there may be a general problem with the vets, especially those pre-Incarna and older, leaving and being replaced by newer players who are not as invested in the game. The colonists versus immigrants? Is this a problem? Are there others? Or is everything just fine and it's just another bout of summer "ZOMG EVE IZ DYING!"

Since it was my partial idea for this topic, it is only proper that I make a contribution. 

Eve is Dying.
I once had a farm in Sinq Larson. (think about that with Meryl Streep's Out of Africa voiceover). I have since allowed three accounts to lapse. Fleets no longer multi-tasking across PvE contents.

Eve is Dying.
I used to lead up to forty mining ship fleets in ambitious enterprises, complete with Wing Commander 4 and Mining Director 5. Specialising in systems without stations to clear untouched asteroids. The miner lasers are silent, comrades long abandoned and my Forman clone entombed within a distant med-bay. 

Eve is Dying.
I no longer fly in Incursions. 100 million per hour does not entice me, Logistics 5 is coated in dust. it has been over twelve months since I last Mumbled to pilots across the planet Earth. Dust also covers my maximum skills for Heavy Interdictors, Force/Combat Recons and Assault Cruisers. 

Eve is Dying.
My Planetary Industry only half hearted. A week or more can pass without an extraction cycle. Key components to tech two manufacturing seem oh so less necessary that previously. 

Eve is Dying.
Even as I polish the final ME to the components of Freighter manufacture. This used to be like Christmas morning. But now many of the lights are dark, the tree has withered and the gift paper faded. 

Eve has Died.
I am the last of my accounts. A ghost in a haunted corner of New Eden. Some missioning, some mining or some exploration.

On the horizon is the promise of Industry Arrays. Will this come with a hefty stick of more NPC taxes and a shrivelled carrot of minor industrial margins? I can only see Risk and no Reward in this future. Wait and see, with about six months left of my current annual subscription. I have time, and time will tell whether I have still have a home in New Eden.

I did it all because it was fun.